Understand Your Feelings Better

Understand Your Feelings Better

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Counselor Sheldon Wykell, LCSW has plenty of experience using relational therapy to treat people suffering from relational issues. Relational psychotherapy helps people recognize the importance of relationships in their daily life. It helps you find patterns in your thoughts about yourself.

Strong and fulfilling relationships with other people can help you maintain your emotional well-being. When you come to Sheldon Wykell for counseling, you might discover that your current issues stem from more deep-seated problems. We’ll address those problems, help you understand your distress and work toward overcome it.

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Couples Therapy and Behavioral Therapy in St. Petersburg, FL

Determine the root of your emotional stress

Therapists using relational psychotherapy always create an atmosphere of empathy and attentiveness. It’s important that you know we’re listening and want to help. We’ll form a collaborative relationship with you and help you to form other meaningful relationships with people in your life.

Relational psychotherapy follows a few distinct beliefs:

  • Strong relationships lead to good emotional health
  • Emotional stress often comes from relational experiences
  • Stress can stop you from fully expressing yourself
  • Without healthy connections, you may face emotional concerns

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